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Case Studies

The job of operating and managing commercial/industrial buildings is challenging. And one of the most expensive aspects of that job is keeping those building comfortable. Here are some articles and case studies that may help. We will be adding to and updating the articles you see here over time, so check back often.

Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems: Early Detection Software
Building Automation Systems linked with “early detection” software can alert a building owner to an out-of-design condition. Analytics software can help to identify issues that can lead to big payoffs when corrected.

Building Automation Systems: The Intersection of Humanity and Technology
This is an article written by Dick Starr for HPAC Engineering regarding the benefits of mobile management monitoring in the HVAC Building Automation system (BAS) industry.

Management Systems: Metrics Get ‘Speedier’ With Dashboards
Graphic displays from building monitoring systems provide an insightful tool to assess building performance.


Retro-Commissioning: Why Retro Is the Wave of the Future
Retro-commissioning enables you to give your building owner customers a second chance to “do it right” the first time.

Why Commission Mechanical Systems?
Testing, adjusting, balancing (TAB) will assume a role as the most critical phase of mechanical systems commissioning.

Design Services

Why Build Green?
By using the LEED process, you can ensure an immediate and measurable impact where it really counts, dramatic energy savings, better IAQ, and lower operating costs. Contractors practice what they preach.

The Future of Intelligent Buildings is Now
What is an intelligent building and what does it mean to you?

Energy Control Services

Pneumatic Controls: Good Systems with Obsolete Controls
Many of today’s HVAC systems still rely on pneumatic controls. As everyone is using smart devices to monitor their building, what option does the pneumatic owner have at their disposal? The attached article in HPAC Engineering, written by Dick Starr, gives the owner an idea of what can be done.

Building Controls: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow November 2010
Dick Starr updates his building control article from 1995 indicating “Nintendo Kids” did get it right. . . . .

Making Commercial Controls Talk Together
The biggest challenge in commercial controls is integrating all of the systems into a single platform.

Building Controls: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
This article, authored by Dick Starr, chronicles the vital role of automated building controls in reducing energy costs.

Energy Savings Soar At Space-Age Metallurgist
Brush Wellman saves $198,000/year in reduced electrical demand charges since The Enterprise Corp. designed and installed this control system.

Pneumatic Controls in a Digital Age
Pneumatic controls and hybrid systems are in place in many buildings today. What does it take to keep them operating properly in the world of direct digital controls, and how do we begin to move away from them if, indeed, we should?

Viewpoint: BACNet Vs. Lonworks
Dick Starr and two other engineers predict the future of building control systems.

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Checklist
A checklist of 15 items to ensure your building has the best Indoor Air Quality possible.

Indoor Air Quality: A Business Imperative
Enterprise President Dick Starr authored this article about air quality that addresses the need for contractors to help their customers (you) keep buildings and tenants free and clear of potential health hazards that may impact your bottom line.

Indoor Air Quality Sensors and Ventilation
This article compares carbon dioxide sensors and mixed gas sensors for measuring indoor air quality in demand-based ventilation applications.

IAQ Case Study: Aerospace Building Design
When the State of Ohio designed the new Ohio Aerospace Institute, it included Indoor Air Quality as a basic design element. Enterprise’s unique design helped the client meet its IAQ goals. Here’s how.

Maintenance Services

Maximize Your Assets With Preventive Maintenance
Building owners and managers often wrestle with the idea of buying preventative maintenance agreements on their mechanical systems. Here’s a dollar-and-cents look at how such plans keep your building costs down and profits up.

System Upgrade Services

Integration is the Soul of Design/Build
The Ridge Tool Company of Elyria, Ohio was in dire need of a system overhaul to bring costs in line and provide better comfort for their employees. This project not only succeeded in achieving these goals, but also won the highly coveted Design/Build Award from Contracting Business Magazine.