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When you're looking for reliable service for your heating and air conditioning systems, look no further than your own backyard: to a neighbor and member of your community -- The Enterprise Corporation -- a LINC Service® Provider, and one of the few MSCA “Greenstar” Contractors in the USA.


So you can be sure Enterprise is a reputable company with highly trained and courteous professionals. We do whatever it takes to ensure comfort and cost efficiency by keeping your heating and cooling systems running at optimum levels. 


Meanwhile, as an MSCA “Greenstar” contractor, compliance with both ISO quality standards and recognition by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is fundamental.


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The Ultimate In Affordable Investment Protection
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Getting Started With Enterprise Service

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Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) Greenstar Qualified


The ultimate in affordable investment protection.

Your heating and cooling system is a big responsibility. Building occupants depend on it daily for comfort, and it represents a significant financial investment. It's a complex system that requires specialized skills to understand and maintain. And procrastinating about its maintenance can be costly. 


Let's face it, if not properly maintained, your heating and cooling system can be a continuous source of problems. Consider the following checklist.

Do you:   

  • Perform scheduled preventive maintenance?
  • Have a firm, budgetable cost for annual maintenance?
  • Have a source for fast, reliable emergency service?
  • Set aside emergency funds for major equipment repairs?
  • Have specialized, in-house maintenance personnel?
  • Stock tools, supplies and replacement parts?
  • Comply with your organization’s sustainability (Green) goals?

Chances are, you don't have time to oversee all these matters. Furthermore, you may already be experiencing many problems -- including uneven heating and cooling, equipment breakdowns, operating headaches, unexpected maintenance costs, and excessive energy consumption.



The Enterprise Mechanical/Control/Retro-Commissioning services provide a way to get these problems under control and offer an ideal way for you to:


  • Protect your investment
  • Improve comfort
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Improve maintenance methods
  • Budget and reduce your costs for staffing, equipment repairs and energy consumption
  • Maintain the value of your facility
  • Have one source of responsibility
  • Achieve peace of mind.
  • Fulfill sustainability objectives

Satisfaction Guaranteed.         


Enterprise is a single source troubleshooter that takes total responsibility for your system for a fixed fee.

The comprehensive way Enterprise cares for your system is called Guaranteed Professional Maintenance. Here's how it works for you:

  • Inspection and Testing: On a scheduled basis, your LINC Service Contractor carefully checks the operating condition and efficiency of your building's mechanical systems.
  • Preventive Maintenance: This includes cleaning, tightening, aligning, adjusting, calibrating and lubricating your equipment -- all scheduled utilizing LINC's computerized HVAC “maintenance tasking”.  Our extensive equipment and system data base specify and schedule maintenance tasks by drawing from an exhaustive library that covers every kind of HVAC equipment manufactured today.
  • Repair and Replacement: Enterprise repairs and replaces worn, broken or questionable parts and components-completely covering the cost of labor, parts and supplies.
  • Top-Priority Emergency Call Response: 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Immediate response to any problem, any time.

Dollar for dollar, task for task, no one can match the value of Enterprise’s “Greenstar”  Service. That's because Enterprise is focused exclusively on heating and cooling systems. It's what we do, and we aim to do it better than anyone else.


 Here's how to get started with Enterprise Service.  

You're just five easy steps away from the best decision you've ever made about maintaining your heating and cooling systems. Step-by-step, here's our approach to serving you.

Initial Meeting: This includes an introduction to LINC Service and the representatives from your LINC Service Contractor. By inquiring about your current and projected building operating trends, we're able to show you the benefits of LINC Service when compared to your current maintenance methods.

Building Survey/Review Historical Costs of Operation: The next step is a thorough inventory of your mechanical systems and an initial observation of their operating condition. A LINC Service representative conducts this survey with the help of your staff. At this time, your LINC Service professional also reviews your owning and operating costs.

Executive Summary Meeting: During this meeting, we discuss the results of our survey, reconfirm the costs of operating your facility, and present our recommendations.

Upon Acceptance: If our recommendations are accepted, a start-up meeting is scheduled. This initial meeting involves our sales and service representatives along with your key building personnel.

C.A.R.E: We schedule and conduct Customer Assurance Review and Evaluation (C.A.R.E.) meetings on an ongoing basis. That's because LINC Service is based on a commitment to excellence, and your continued satisfaction is our measure of fulfilling our commitments.


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