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Richard A. Starr

Welcome to the Enterprise website. Our objective in having an online presence is to provide another resource for customers and potential customers -- a place where you can find the information you need to make smart business decisions regarding your building, your employees, and your bottom line.

Enterprise helps people in a broad range of industries by providing a workplace for you and your employees that is safe, comfortable, and healthy.

But an equally significant component to the services we offer is creating an environment that is conducive to productivity.

For more than five decades our roots have been grounded in providing commercial, industrial, and institutional corporations with efficient, effective, and dependable automated climate control systems. You benefit from our deep commitment to being the leader in the industry by not only meeting and exceeding all regulatory requirements, but through careful, proactive planning for any new developments that may arise.

Our commitment to innovative solutions branches out into areas such as convenience, confidence, and reliability. To provide such, we're committed to training our people to bring you the best services available, to staying on top of the ever-changing technologies that govern comfort, health, and productivity.

The way we see it, it's our responsibility to deliver the sustainable services you need the minute you need them with minimum downtime in any situation.

When it comes to support, no one can match Enterprise's knowledgeable, close-knit team of engineers, technicians, and specialists who are all trained, certified, and experienced. In addition, our affiliations with well respected organizations in the industry translates into valuable resources at our disposal to provide you with a superior level of service. Our strength is in our dedication and collective obligation to satisfy you. 

Enterprise Company History ...

June 27, 1977 -- Jimmy Carter was President, gasoline sold for 63 cents per gallon, the Tribe was six games out of first place, Elvis Presley had just died, fluorocarbons were feared to be damaging the ozone layer, and The Enterprise Corporation came into being.


Before that date, the company was known as Enterprise Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. The firm, specializing in HVAC service work, was formed in 1952 by Clevelander Frank Kushner and moved to the suburb of Solon in 1964 in anticipation of expected growth in that community. That June day in 1977, Kushner sold his company to a young man named Richard A. Starr, who left a position with a different mechanical contracting firm to take over the ownership of Enterprise. Starr changed the name to The Enterprise Corporation and in the ensuing years, he and his capable staff have expanded the business to more than 35 times its original size.


Starr began his business life in high school when he created a company called Odd Jobs, Inc. Upon graduating from college in 1970, he joined Honeywell, Inc. Following a three-year stint as a sales engineer in Cleveland, Starr became one of Honeywell's top producers in the United States. Subsequently he was offered the position of regional operations director in Philadelphia, which he declined in order to assume total profit and loss responsibility for Honeywell's Toledo office.


Within two years, the Toledo operation would realize unprecedented growth in customer base and profit. Starr then expanded his HVAC reach by joining a large mechanical contractor in 1975 as President of their Systems/Service Division. It was here that he took his understanding of a properly functioning building control system to a new level.


Five decades and many installations later, this diversity of HVAC experience and education has shaped Enterprise into a company whose culture is comfort, safety, and energy management at the lowest possible operating cost.


Along the way (1984), Enterprise became the exclusive local distributor/contractor/engineer for a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of temperature controls and building automation systems. In 2006, Enterprise was exposed to new opportunities when it became a building control systems integrator with Tridium.  Recognizing that a properly tuned mechanical system is the most fundamental form of energy management, Enterprise partnered with Linc Service. Linc is an HVAC service partner that provides contractors a total package of business support programs in personnel development, sales, marketing, accounting, HVAC operations, etc. Enterprise is one of nearly 200 licensed holders worldwide.

Enterprise is also prepared to help young people looking for career/job opportunities in the HVACR industry. When Dick Starr was chairman of the Cleveland chapter of the Mechanical Service Contractor's Association he spearheaded a "school-to-work" program in conjunction with local vocational schools and Pipefitters Local Union No. 120. The program is designed to serve as an effective transition from school to work by giving qualified high school students an outstanding academic education while instilling in them an understanding of the work and skills necessary for competing in the world of work. The program is skill based, labor and industry approved and directly linked to explicit work-place situations. Qualified students earn an hourly wage to start and are guaranteed admission into the union upon graduation. To be considered for the program an applicant must:                                                         

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have attended a minimum of 95 percent of scheduled classes during freshman and sophmore years
  • Have maintained a 3.0 grade point average ("B") on a 4.0 scale in classes related to the trade and a 2.5 grade point average since entering the vocational program
  • Receive a written recommendation from at least one teacher in a class related to the trade
  • Be able to perform the essential functions of the trade with or without reasonable accommodation and without posing a direct threat to the safety or health of any individual or others
  • Complete a substance abuse screening profile

Adding to Enterprise's rich history, a leading air conditioning manufacturer chose Starr to conduct an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) workshop at their 11th annual Design/Build conference. In addition, Starr sits on the editorial advisory board for Contracting Business Magazine, has authored numerous articles on system controls and indoor air quality that have appeared in Contracting Business and HPAC Engineering magazines and also sits on the National Board of Manager's for the HVAC Service industry’s leading trade organization, Mechancial Service Contractors of America (MSCA).

In February, 2008, Starr became Northern Ohio’s first LEED AP, Accredited within the “Existing Building Operations & Maintenance” (EBOM) Track.

So from a small heating and air conditioning firm, Enterprise has grown into a significant Design/Build/Maintain contractor specializing in HVAC, controls, and system testing, air balancing, and start-up. Their service and product offerings fulfill the needs of every environmentally sensitive building owner.


Enterprise believes that the function of our Company is the acquisition and maintenance of customers. We understand that quality in our business means "do it right the first time."

As a team of problem solvers, we will analyze our customers' needs regarding comfort, air quality, safety, and energy efficiency before presenting solutions.

From the top down and from the bottom up we will teach each other right from wrong in customer satisfaction. Our successes will be measured by the positive attitudes of both our customers and employees.                                        


Our Commitment to Our Customers:       

  • We will always listen to and understand our customers' needs and concerns;
  • We will always fully and openly communicate with our customers all appropriate information;
  • We will always focus on our customers' needs and earn their respect by building a long-term partnership with them ... based on mutual trust, respect and our service to them with national and full-service capabilities;
  • We will always be open and fair in all of our dealings with customers and pledge all of our efforts to deliver what we promise when it is promised;
  • We will always be clear and competitive in, our pricing policies and be open and honest in all agreement coverages;
  • We will always be honest in our billing and be sure that our invoicing system meets the customers' needs;
  • We will always remember that the customer is our lifeblood and will always treat the customer with respect and concern.

Our Commitment to Quality of Service:

  • We will always be committed to excellence in the quality of all construction, service and maintenance work we perform;
  • We will always operate our business in conformance with the LINC System® high standards of performance and business ethics;
  • We will always prepare and retain comprehensive service records and keep the customer informed of all work performed;
  • We will always respond to all requests for service or assistance in the fastest possible manner;
  • We will always stand behind the quality of our work.

Our Commitment to Our Local Community:

  • We will always be concerned with the needs of our local community, be it private or public, and pledge our ongoing efforts to make our community a better place to gather, live and work.

Our Commitment to Our Environment:

  • We will always be aware of the value of nature's resources and pledge our commitment to prudent energy usage and conservation practices in the services we offer and in the work we perform;
  • We will always be committed to proper and safe treatment of our environment and dedicate our efforts to the enhancements of our ecology.

Our Commitment to Our Employees:

  • We will always have an undaunted commitment for continued training, skills improvement, self-motivation and sound, fair and dynamic management practices;
  • We will strive to have employees with an undaunted commitment for professionalism and excellence in service to our customers, our community and our environment.